Have you ever wondered why you can’t reach the big goals? You put the time and effort and sometimes money into something with little to no results. Over and over seeing that things just aren’t working out. Yeah, I know, I’m familiar with the pattern. 

When I was 22 years old I bought a house. I had no co-signer and I put my own money down on it. I had stellar credit and a decent paying job. 

I travelled around the world scheduling trips every few months to quench my thirst for adventure. I wasn’t living like a queen (I literally had no furniture when I moved into my house), but I had lots of friends and enjoyed life. 

Years later I was struggling to achieve even menial goals and I felt isolated, tired, and depressed. Thanks to my husband I was living a pretty good life, but I couldn’t figure out what happened to me.

I just knew I had set some goals that should have been achievable, but even with all the effort, action, and persistence I could pour into it I couldn’t build what I wanted. Why couldn’t I make anything happen?

I knew it was me. Not something outside me. It was something within me, but I didn’t know exactly what.

All I knew, is that I had to figure out how to change whatever was holding me back because it hadn’t started with those goals. It started a long time ago. 

This is what I noticed. I would be in working on a project and all would be going well, then all of a sudden, everything would fall apart or just stall out. 
It was the strangest thing and it happened about 43 million times in those years. It didn’t matter if I was training a marathon or aiming for a personal financial goal. It was SO frustrating!
It took me some time, but I finally realized it had something to do with my self worth. Now that I realized it was my beliefs, I decided to change them for good. And I wasn’t going to stop until I found something that worked. 
I literally started doing belief change work for about 2 hours per day. You name it… EFT tapping, hypnosis, journaling, and affirmations (written, verbal, and night time recordings). 
I don’t do things half way and not this either. So how’d that turn out? Well after almost a month, not one damn thing changed, and I was feeling defeated. 
Just as all motivation on this journey was wearing off I started to get a little heated. Not like mad, but literally. My temperature spiked and I was out of commission with the flu. 
I was almost relieved to get a break. Not from life, I mean from my efforts at transformation. 
So as I lay there trying to rest and take in fluids I started to notice my thoughts creeping back to one certain subject. Dr. Bruce Lipton. It went from thoughts to full blown obsession. So weird, why can’t I get this dude out of my head? 
I read his book The Biology of Belief in 2012. The best I could remember in a flu induced stupor was that it was about how our thoughts and feelings create our physical conditions. 
I spent a few hours trying to ignore these thoughts, but finally opened my phone and started listening to interviews. The videos I listened to sparked my interest. After a few hours of listening between naps I came across one in which he mentioned this thing called Psych-k®️. 

What is Psych-k®️? 

I was glad to find out it wasn’t something I needed a prescription for. After an entire evening of listening and then research about Psych-k®️ I was hooked. 

By the next day I was recovering from the flu and talking to my husband about my discovery. A few days later I signed up for a workshop. 
Without ever having a session or even hearing of someone who did, I signed up. Talk about the worst case of buyers remorse ever. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I was desperate. 

One month later I walked into the Basic workshop shaking like a leaf. I was not a little terrified, uh, I was like a lot terrified. Our instructor Mary and the class coordinator Kim both said “you have no idea of how much this is going to change your life.” 

They said this while giggling and giving each other the side eye. I didn’t know whether to run or call the cops, so I just sat there. 
Over those three days I learned they were right. In about 10 minutes using Psych-k®️, I, along with another facilitator completely changed the way I saw a trauma I had been living with for 5 years. This was huge! It was shocking!

 Since then I have taken four more workshops and my life has completely changed. I’ve watched as this modality has helped loved ones lives change over night. No exaggeration.

Over this time I’ve seen how Psych-k®️ has assisted people (and even animals) in creating more harmonious, enjoyable lives. 

My Mission  

This work has become my passion. I get to help others reach their goals, transform relationships, overcome stressful events, and chronic emotional distress. It’s amazing to watch as my family and I have better connections, greater confidence, and feel a sense of oneness with each other and ourselves. I’ve never experienced such joy and presence. It’s a truly beautiful thing. 
Have you already tried Psych-k®️? Let me know how it went! I love hearing about what other’s experiences are. If you haven’t tried it and have some questions shoot me a quick message. I look forward to hearing from you either way. 
Lots of love!