3 Beliefs to Eliminate If You Want to Achieve Your Dreams

It’s no secret that when I started my journey to change my life that I struggled. I set goals, took action, and with a considerable amount of work still wasn’t able to create what I wanted. What I didn’t realize at the time was that I was literally working against myself. I would have never allowed me to take the straight path to creating what I wanted in my life, as crazy as that sounds. 

I often see clients that have this same experience. They don’t believe in themselves and therefor can’t create the conditions they want in their life. They are their own worst enemies sometimes, and there are definitely beliefs that everyone has that can be destructive. If you happen to have those beliefs, then you are going to have a very difficult time achieving success, because they do a terrific job of blocking the path. We’re going to discuss three of those habits in this article and give you some great tools to help you to eliminate them from your life. 

  1. I Don’t Have the Ability: The first belief that we’ll discuss is a common one among just about everyone on planet earth – not having the confidence to do whatever task that you’ve set for yourself. In nearly all cases, this simply isn’t true. As a demonstration, I knew a man who wanted to be a singer more than anything. The problem was, he couldn’t carry a tune. Everyone told him that he wouldn’t ever be a singer because he lacked the ability. You either had it or you didn’t, they said. The man didn’t believe them, and took lessons and practiced for about 10 years. After a very long time, it clicked, and he was able to sing on key and hear and correct himself when he sang off key. We should all look at our business goals the same way. 
  1. All the Good Ideas are Gone: This is simply a cop-out. All of the good ideas are not gone. In fact, every ten years or so, as technology improves by leaps and bounds, a whole new crop of ideas are available. If you think all of the good ideas are gone, then it is likely that you aren’t opening yourself up to new ideas and inspiration. Instead, you are letting negativity convince you that you’ll never be able to have an idea as good as the ones you’ve heard about, when the truth is, you might have one better. 
  1. I Don’t Have the Determination: Finally, you need to get rid of the belief that you do not have the determination to reach your goals and be successful. There is one very simple way to combat this. Understand that if you believe you don’t have the determination, you don’t, and if you do have the determination, then you do. It is completely your choice whether or not you have enough sticking power to reach your goals. 
It’s like Winnie the Pooh said, “You are braver than you think, smarter than you seem, and stronger than you know.”
There are many ways to change beliefs including therapy, affirmations, NLP, and hypnosis. My favorite way is a psychological modality called PSYCH-K®️. If you have questions or want to make an appointment with me, book a consult or session today. 

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Disclaimer: Please note that this article is intended to provide general information and inspiration. While it offers valuable insights, it’s essential to remember that it’s not a substitute for professional advice or therapy. If you’re facing significant challenges or struggling with mental health issues, I encourage you to seek support from qualified professionals who can provide personalized guidance. Your well-being is important, and there are experts who can offer the help you may need. Take care of yourself and reach out to professionals when necessary.