Have you ever thought about how you are wasting your time?

I know, you don’t do that. You are busy all the time!

Consider, for a moment, what you spend your time on.

I had a session with a client that couldn’t separate herself from a situation with a family member. She was literally depressed over it. The concern wasn’t over something life threatening or even life changing. It was an everyday decision on how the family member chose to live her life. It wasn’t doing any harm to the family member or others. My client just disagreed with it.

You could say that this person loved her family member with all her heart (which I actually have no doubt that she did) or you could say that she focused her attention on things outside of her own life so she didn’t have to focus on her own.

This example may seem extreme, but I see it often lately.

Distractions are Everywhere

You go on social media and its all about the workplace, the politician, the neighbor, the home design, the TV show, the blah, blah, blahs.

 I’m not above it, this happens to me too. I recently realized that I was dumping my time, attention, and energy into a friend that “needed” my help when they weren’t willing to help themselves.

The truth is, as real as these situations are, they are pulling us away from what we can change… us. We are being separated from the power we already have, right now, in the moment to make change in our lives and giving it to someone who doesn’t need it, want it, or appreciate it. We are no longer focusing our time, effort, and attention on the things that can do the most good for us and the world. In short, these things are cutting us off and pushing us out of our own lane. 

Stop Getting Distracted

So, I’ve decided to change some beliefs to help me stay in my own lane. Whatever your belief change modality of choice consider making some changes too. My super fave is Psych-k®, just in case you didn’t know. If you’ve never heard of it you can check it out here

My new truth is: 

I remain focused on what is truly important. 

The things I want to create in the world are the things that get my time and attention.

I focus my energy and time on what I have influence over.

Choose activities that are worthy of your time, energy, and attention.

Above all, whether it be a great relationship, amazing work, a mission, family, cleaning the oceans, building the world’s best Thanksgiving Day float, or whatever else, do it with all you have. 

Clearly, I am begging here!! Only pour your time, energy, and attention into things that are worthy of your LIFE because THAT is what you are giving in return.

Love you guys! Go do something worthy of you!


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